Vision, Mission, Values


Our Vision is to provide Australia with a state-of-the-art coastal shipping service that can compete effectively with other modes of transport and provide supply chain security and efficiency, while exercising responsible environmental stewardship.



Our mission is to reduce the impact that Australia’s freight networks have on the environment and on government expenditure and to increase supply chain efficiencies by providing efficient coastal shipping services. We will do this by listening to our customers, utilising the latest technologies and investing in our infrastructure and staff.



We strive to perpetuate our corporate culture around the following core values:

INTEGRITY: We behave ethically, honestly, fairly and openly.
RESPECT: We have respect for the individual irrespective of status, race, gender, culture, religion or physical disability. We see this as a necessary part of growing social cohesion and value.
INNOVATION: We encourage our people to have the courage to try and create a better future by continually improving everything we do, and coming up with new ideas – no matter how unusual. We want them to be bold, move fast, stay informed and keep an open mind.
COLLABORATION: We know that by working collaboratively, among ourselves, and with our customers and the community, we will improve the quality of the outcomes that we aspire to.
DIVERSITY: We encourage diversity in thought, experience, education and talent.
ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Our business can only grow if we consider the service we provide from the perspective of our customers and the broader community. We understand the value of keeping our stakeholders’ needs in focus and continually striving to improve efficiencies in everything we do.
ACCOUNTABILITY: We are each responsible for our actions. If you need help, ask. If you don’t know, say “I don’t know”.