Corporate Responsibility

Embedded in our corporate philosophy is a commitment to our staff, clients, stakeholders and the broader community to lead by example in our behavior as a responsible corporate entity.
We do this by focusing on six key areas: Governance, Ethics, People, Environment, Social and Community.



Hermes Maritime is governed by the Board of Directors whose responsibility is to ensure the continuing growth of our business while prudently managing risk, respecting individuals, caring for our environment and continually striving to exceed those obligations imposed on corporations by the law.



Our culture is one in which all staff are committed to behave ethically in their dealings with each other, customers, stakeholders and the broader community. This behavior is underpinned by our Code of Conduct, which sets very high standards and extends to incorporate the impact of individual behaviours on safety, sustainability and the environment.



We are an equal opportunity employer, committed to attracting talented individuals and investing in their development and career. We are always keeping an eye to the future and are keen to ensure the next generation of employees receives every opportunity to join a dynamic workforce. We are committed to providing a safe, supportive, healthy and happy workplace.



As a company whose operations are predominately in coastal waters, we are acutely aware of the impact we have on the environment. All our operations are developed around a strong environmental focus – from the fuels we use, the careful management of emissions, waste recycling, water management and encouraging innovative solutions to sustainability.



At Hermes Maritime, we are committed to being exemplars of social responsibility. We have a clear commitment to social audits to evaluate and continually improve the company’s social performance. In addition, the corporate culture is built around our commitment to resource efficiency, biodiversity, pollution prevention, human rights and cultural heritage.



We maintain open lines of communication with all our stakeholders so as to better understand their needs, to respond to their concerns, to build stronger relationships, to maintain trust and to build a stronger business. We also acknowledge that we operate in a highly regulated environment and engage with all levels of government to ensure the smooth uninterrupted operation of our business.